All the novelties in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

In the meantime Call of Duty Warzone Pacific is already in its second week. There was a small update, in which some weapons were made weaker and the Christmas event was added. Some maps have also been changed. We already told you about the weapons in the last article on E-arenaa. Now we want to inform you about the new features.

The new Christmas event

In the course of the Christmas event, players can solve various tasks and collect gifts. Or find three different magic elves in the game and get loads. Or even land directly at the Christmas tree and get different weapons or equipment. But that doesn’t mean everything is quiet and contemplative in Warzone, because the game also unleashes the nasty Krampus on its players. And this one has it all. For a few days now, Krampus has been slaughtering his way through the matches and woe betide anyone he gets his claws on. These players are brutally hunted by the fairy tale monster over two minutes later, others are then, if you should survive it.

The new but also old map

After the opinions are divided against the new Pacific Map. Now the creator has brought us back a new but old map. The popular Rebirth mode was always played on the new map in a small section until now. That did not please most bells so. That’s why they brought back Rebirth Islan, where you can play with the old weapons. You can also use the Pergs. Not only that, but the new weapons can be played as well. This will bring back a lot of players who didn’t like the new map of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.

We think that it’s always cool and rich in variety with different events. We are also happy with the new map in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, but we are also happy that you can play the Rebirth mode on the old map.But not only that soon follow our famous tournaments and events again more you will soon find out on e-arenaa. What is your opinion about the event and the old map?

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