Black Friday at FIFA22

Black Friday at FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM 22

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 22, offering fans special weekly events, including special cards like rule breakers and the best team of the week (TOTW). For Black Friday on November 26, the FIFA community can look forward to some more special offers. 

Black Friday: Best-of-TOTW

EA Sports has not yet officially confirmed that this year’s Black Friday will also feature Best of TOTW. However, last year EA Sports released a best of TOTW that can be taken out of the package before December 1. EA Sports hasn’t confirmed this for FIFA 22 yet, but we can be sure that the publisher will repeat it this year.

FUT 22: RecordBreakers

Last year, five Record Breakers were released on the second day, which you could also draw until the fifth day of the promo. So by that time you could draw 16 strong special cards from the countless packs. Packs that you didn’t just have to buy.

Flash SBC’s at Black Friday

The Flash SBC’s start on the second day of the promo. These SBC’s are challenges that bring valuable packages and are only available for a few hours. However, if you miss one SBC, you can take the next one, since Flash SBC’s is updated every few hours.

On top of that, there are other special cards, promotions and opportunities to expand your team. In summary, we’re going to get some insane deals coming our way on Black Friday. We are curious if EA Sports has thought about something special for FUT22!

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