Yusuf "The Prince" Sultanoglu

Boxing x e-Arenaa: Yusuf „The Prince“ Sultanoglu is back!

Yusuf „The Prince“ Sultanoglu is a young but quite successful professional boxer from Munich, Germany. With over 50 amateur fights and a total of 9 professional fights, including 8 wins and 7 KOs, Yusuf has arrived in the world of professional boxing. Tomorrow, November 13, the 13 Ring of Fire event will take place. „The Prince“ gets back in the ring for his 10th professional fight. We at e-Arenaa are proud to be a partner and look forward supporting him.

Yusuf „The Prince“ Sultanoglu fights in the main event

Ring of Fire is a martial arts event organized by Fighting Academy. Top athletes from all over the world compete here in exciting fights in professional boxing, K-1 and Muay Thai. Organized and led by Agron Kurtisi, head coach of the Fight Power Academy, the RING OF FIRE event takes place twice a year in the Bürgerhaus Unterschleissheim.

Yusuf Sultanoglu will fight in the main event against Levan Lukhutashvill in his 10th professional fight. After the unwanted 2-year break because of COVID-19, „The Prince“ can finally get back into the ring and show that he has not forgotten. After a good preparation, he feels ready & both physically and mentally fit for the Ring of Fire.

The parallels between boxing & gaming

If you’ve ever watched a boxing match, you’ve probably noticed that a boxer must be able to perform quick and explosive movements such as punches and dodge his opponent’s punches. Not easy to do for a period of up to 12 rounds in a fight. Mental strength is crucial, as well as reflexes and continuous training. The boxer must always adjust and adapt to the opponent’s individual tactics, punch combination and movement in a matter of seconds. Anticipation is the key word here! Exactly the same requirements can be found in gaming. No matter if it’s FIFA22 or Call of Duty: Warzone. The brain must always be 100% active and adjust to individual tactics, player strengths and anticipate enemy moves. These are skills that are of course also an advantage in our tournaments. Train like Yusuf Sultanoglu and get the victory in the e-Arenaa.

Yusuf is incredibly strong and persevering. After such a good preparation he is very confident & wants to win. We are excited to be a part of this spectacular event. e-Arenaa is on TEAM THE PRINCE. Good luck!

Yusuf "The Prince" Sultanoglu
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