Call of Duty Warzon: The Numbers Event

The Numbers event started on September 21. The event will probably last about two weeks. It is one of many events that have been launched this year by Call of Duty. This year most of the events will take place on Warzone. The Numbers event, like all the events before it, will provide you with various gifts at the end of the day.

Tasks in the event

In the Numbers event you have to complete 9 challenges. To get the different prizes. The tasks are very easy to complete this time. You have to find different radio stations on the map. Finding and activating the various mobile radio stations doesn’t mean any extraordinary effort. The $2,000 cash is also a set of armor plates, which is definitely always useful. The Numbers event, moreover, should give you and perhaps your teams a change of pace. For that reason alone, it’s worth participating. A little tip from us: It would also be enough if one of your team would visit the radio stations. Because if one of you activates them, everyone in the team will get them credited.

We will show you where to find the radio stations.

  • Military Base E2
  • Port G7
  • Airport D3
  • Train Station C6
  • Boneyard/Superstore C5
  • Salt Mine H3
  • Farmland H6
  • Hills D8
  • TV Station F5

The gifts

Throughout the event you will receive different prizes for each radio station you activate. Immediately you will get 2000 $ and plats in the game. Other rewards include stickers, charms, calling cards and EXP. And the highlight of the gifts is the melee weapon Sai that you can use to finish off your opponents.

The Numbers event in Warzone is not to be missed, as it is worthwhile. The tasks are quite easy to complete, but you will get good gifts. If you want to learn more about the game tournaments and more, you can visit e-arenaa.

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