Release of the first team of the Future Stars

the Future Stars

After we told you last week about the Future Stars. Now on Friday the players who made it into the first Future Stars team were published. We assume that a second Future Stars team will be released in the coming weeks. Who all got a Future Stars card? The one who got the best rating […]

Fortnite is back again

After we mostly tell you about Call of Duty or FIFA 22 news, because our tournaments are mostly also for Call of Duty and FIFA, but now we want to bring you closer to Fortnite because soon there will be tournaments for Fortnite from us. That means exactly Fortnite is back again ! What is […]

The second Headliner Team is here

The FIFA 22 Headliner Team 2 cards that were released on Friday, January 7. The Headliners can still be drawn from packs this week, but not after that. We want to tell you a little bit more about the new cards. As with other articles of us, which you can read all on e-arenaa, not […]

FIFA 22 the new winter wildcards event

After the release of the Icon-Swaps the new Winter Wildcards Event has started on December 17th. We have already published an article about the Icon-Swaps on e-arenaa. Now we want to tell you a bit more about the new Winter – Wildcards event in today’s article. What can the new cards do Looking at the […]

The best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

the best weapons classes

After we have delivered you in the last article about the new map in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific an article. Since there are now also new weapons that come from the second world war there are, as in the last part of Call of Duty Warzone stronger weapons that stand out from the other […]

The new FIFA 22 Icon Swaps Event

The release of FIFA 22 is now about 3 months ago. After some different events in the FIFA 22 FUT mode the new Icon Swaps Event have been released now. After we told you in the last articles about the different icons in FIFA 22 or about the function of the different SBC. We give […]

The new COD Warzone Pacific all about the new map

Call of Duty Warzone ushers in its third Season 1 starting December 8, 2021. This time there are big changes. With the new map Caldera, which has been adapted to new Call of Duty Vanguard. In addition to the map, there are also new vehicles and weapons, which we will also discuss. All about the […]

Cheap transfer market in FIFA 22 FUT Ultimate

Meanwhile we are already in the third week since the launch of FIFA 22. We have already delivered you many articles about FIFA 22 on e-arenaa. And will do it also in the future. At the moment in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimat the cheap transfer market is the topic of conversation in the media. We […]

The new icons in FIFA 22

New Icons

Some YouTubers or streamers have already received FIFA 22. Unfortunately most of you haven’t. Just a little bit more and then you can start playing. EA has told us a lot of ratings or other gameplays. Also the icons have been published. We want to present you the four new icons which will be available […]

Cold War AK-47 – One of the best Sniper Supports in the Game!

Cold War AK-47

Usually there are always new weapon classes in Call of Duty that are discovered by most gamers. You always need weapons to use as secondary weapons for your sniper class. Most gamers play with an MP as a secondary weapon. But some gamers rather play an assault rifle to the sniper. Because sometimes an assault […]

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