Cheap transfer market in FIFA 22 FUT Ultimate

Meanwhile we are already in the third week since the launch of FIFA 22. We have already delivered you many articles about FIFA 22 on e-arenaa. And will do it also in the future. At the moment in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimat the cheap transfer market is the topic of conversation in the media. We compare for you why there is a cheap transfer market in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimat.

The transfer market in FUT

In the past FIFA parts players had to pay a lot of money for high valued gold cards. But in FIFA 22 it looks completely different. While you had to pay about 100000 coins for Haaland shortly before the release. Now you can get him for about 30000 coins. Or if you compare it to last year you had to pay 200000 coins for Lewandowski with a total strength of 91 in October. But in FIFA 22 you pay only 50000 coins for a Lewandowski who has a total strength of 92. Only Icons or a Cristiano Ronaldo or Mbappe are still worth over 1000000 coins. Of course there are also popular players like a Kyle Walker who is even now under 100000 coins to get.

Why are the players so cheap

We assume that the cheap transfer market in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team is because there are probably currently the so-called preview packs. These ensure that players can look at a pack once a day with 7500 coins without buying it. This means that if there is a good player in the pack, you will normally buy the gold pack. If it is not so, however, one rather does without it. Or maybe it’s because there are a lot of FIFA Points at the moment. Because the preorderers got 4600 Points of course the people who didn’t preorder want to follow. But it could also be that the strong rewards in the context of FUT Chapions and Division Rivals play a role.

Why the transfer market is so favorable we can not know 100% at the end of the day, you can only guess or speculate. But we don’t think it’s a bad thing that many players are so cheap to get, because that in turn means that most have equally strong teams. And that in turn means that it then depends more on your game talent. What do you think about the cheap transfer market in FIFA 22?

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