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CoD: Warzone update weakens the defensive play

The Riot Shield

With Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4, Activision has changed many elements that the community declared to be flaws. In addition, various new things have been added to the game. A new CoD: Warzone update was also released with the new season 4. In general, the patch contains some bug fixes and the „Ground Fall“ event officially ends with the new update. What else you can expect can be found in the text below:

The Riot Shield in Call of Duty: Warzone was pretty much celebrated by many players, but even more were annoyed by the item. Players can use the Shield to protect themselves from being shot down and shield teammates. However, this often interrupted the flow of the game, as it takes a lot of time to defeat skilled players. The item was so common in the Warzone that grenades and Molotov cocktails became the standard meta.

The Call of Duty Riot Shield.

That should be over now for the time being: Warzone developer Raven Software is removing the Riot Shield. With the latest update for CoD: Warzone temporarily completely from the loot boxes and ground loadout. The only way to get the Riot Shield is now through personal loadouts. This should noticeably reduce the frequency of the item in Battle Royale.

Dirt Bikes

For the start of Season 4 on 17.06.2021 Activision has introduced Dirt Bikes to the Maps in CoD: Warzone. The first patch for the bikes was not long in coming. The sound has been removed from the new dirt bikes in parallel with the Riot Shield, because the new speedsters in the game were clearly too loud. You could not only hear them across the entire map, but also much too loud in the headphones. All in all, this update will significantly improve the game quality.

The new Dirt Bikes in CoD: Warzone by e-Arenaa.

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