Everything about the new Call of Duty Season 6

After there was now again an update to the new Season 6 on 07.10.2021, some things have changed again. We want to show and list a few changes. We also suspect that it could be one of the last Seasons before the new Venguard. In addition, there are a couple of new events waiting for us in October.

Changes in Verdansk

From the large signal array down to the hospital, there is now a trail of devastation. The stadium is destroyed and many buildings in the city center are in ruins. The whole area now plays completely differently as a result. Instead of running through the alleys of the city, you can now run, loot and fight through the canyon. Since April, there are now a couple of bunkers going through the Earth Rift again. Iron Trails mode is also back and playable again. The mode was celebrated by most gamers and now you can play it again. The new Gulag is also the old Gulag that you know from the beginning. This is also what most of the gamers wanted again and now the players‘ wish is also taken into account.

Weapons and more

There were again a few nerfs like in every update of Call of Duty. This time it hit the C58 and the EM2 in the assault rifles. In the light machine guns it hit the MG 82. Unfortunately, the popular OTs 9 was also slightly generated.New weapons like the Grav or 410 Ironhide are playable in the new season. But we will go into more detail about the weapons in another article on e-arenaa. The new Season 6 will probably have a Halloween event like every year. Unfortunately we don’t know much about it yet but it will probably take place between October 19 and October 21.

All in all, we think it’s a bit of a shame that the nerf hit a few popular weapons. Still, we’re pleased to see that the makers are now listening to gamers‘ wishes. And try to implement the wishes as well as possible. What do you think of the new Call of Duty Season 6 update?

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