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Normally, under the term sports we understand physical activities such as running, sprinting or swimming. E-sports, on the other hand, take place on a laptop or console. As in other sports like soccer or American soccer, fans visit the arenas to see their favorite team or player.  What is meant by e-sports and how you can participate at online tournaments without being a professional gamer via the app e-Arenaa, you can find out here in this article.



A great amount of today’s e-sports community is a member of Twitch. Just about every official e-sports event is streamed live, whether it’s the biggest annual competition or a regional qualifying tournament for a league.


For e-sports athletes, as for any competitor, it’s all about being the best of the best. Of course, the financial incentives are growing as well. E-sports athletes who perform at the top level are increasingly sponsored and supported by high-profile sponsors. Winners of such tournaments can expect large prize pools, although this depends on the operator of the tournament.

The Online e-Sports Organizer e-Arenaa

Due to the coronavirus crisis, many live e-sports events around the world were cancelled. A solution had to be found quickly to keep the games running. It was obvious: you have to continue the gaming operation online.E-sports online events now give gamers from all over the world the opportunity to compete against each other and win money despite the cancelled live events.

Since the conditional change from live events in the arenas to e-sports online events made possible by streaming services, the number of spectators for e-sports now far exceeds millions. E-sports events already have more viewers than rugby and American football combined, and by 2022 revenues are expected to far exceed those of the Champions League in Europe.

Every day, thousands of sports tournaments are held online on multiple consoles. In the American area, games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (tactical shooter), Call of Duty (shooter), Fortnite and FIFA (sports game) are considered the most famous. Of course, there are plenty of other games represented in the e-sports space. There is something for everyone.

We – at e-Arenaa – are the first professional German e-sports online organizer. Here everyone can participate, except professional e-sports athletes, who are excluded. With our app you can quickly and easily register for an online tournament. All you have to do is buy a ticket, and you are qualified. 

Our skill-based matchmaking guarantees fair conditions and our easy way to sign up ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything other than delivering your best performance. You don’t have to do anything else.

A large prize pool awaits the first three winners, which will of course be adjusted depending on your ranking. Crossplay (console vs. PC) is not offered. PC’s players always play against PC players. Console plays against console, although there are games where Xbox players can also play against PlayStation players. Download e-Arenaa, win breathtaking prizes & become part of the community.

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