FIFA 22 all Flashback cards

After we told you about the headliners in the last article, we want to show and explain all Flashback cards now. Flashback cards are given to some players to celebrate their historical seasons in a great way.

How cards work

Not all players get the honor of receiving such a card. Most of the time, players who have achieved something in their career get a flashback card. These players were very strong players in their young player career and they were very eye-catching. But in the meantime these players are also good, but not as good as they used to be. Of course there are also players who are currently in pretty good shape and are even better than in their young days as a soccer player. The flashback cards are not tradable, exchangeable and will only be available as SBC. So every player has the possibility to get a Flashback card by doing only the SBC, the prices for the SBC always vary and they differ depending on the player.

The flashback in FIFA 22 so far

The first card is Pedro from Lazio Roma, with a total strength of 86. After that Samuel Umtiti from FC Barcelona got a card with a total strength of 85. N’Golo Kante from FC Chelsea also got a flashback card with a total strength of 87 his gold card has a total strength of 90,he belongs to the players who were not as good before as they are now. Mahrez of Manchester City also got a card with a total strength of 87.One of the strongest flashback cards this year is Benzema of Real Madrid with a total strength of 86 his card is very strong technically and also in pace. Morata from Juventus got a card with a total strength of 87. A second player from Juventus is Chiellini he got an overall strength of 85.

Thomas Müller of FC Bayern got a total strength of 86 for his flashback card. Ex AC Milan star Alexandre Pato who currently plays for Orlando City SC got a total strength of 87. The last one to get a card is Mauro Icardi from Paris Saint German and is also the strongest player so far with a total strength of 91 and reminds of his old times from Inter.

We think all Flashback cards are very strong and interesting. At the end of the day you will have to decide for yourself which SBC you will make, but we endpins you to have a minimum of one Flashback card in the team, if not more. More and new cards will be added as time goes on. Which Flashback do you like best?

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