FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team Gameplay

Finally we can play FIFA 22. The people who pre-ordered the game could start to play FIFA 22 on 27.9.21. We have tested it for you. There are some changes in the game. We will give you some information about Fut Ultimate Team.

The advantage of preordering

After you have preordered FIFA you can start to play it from 27.9.21. So you have an advantage over the gamers who get it from the 1st of October. You get in Fut Ultimate 8 Packs for the beginning of FIFA. Therefrom are 6 normal gold packs, 1 team of the week player set and one contract pack. Additionally you will get a One to Watch player set on the 1st of October if you bought the Fut Ultimate version. You will get 4600 FIFA Points. With these you can buy Gold Packs to build up a team. We would advise you to leave 300 FIFA Points so that you can play a draft game and have an overview which players fit to you.

The transfer market

At the moment most of the good players are not that expensive. A Romelu Lukaku has an overall rating of 88 and has a market value of 40 thousand. That’s pretty cheap for a player like him. Or even Bruno Fernandes, who has an overall rating of 88, is currently available on the transfer market for 50 thousand. Again, we suspect that the value of most players will increase from October 1.

The gameplay of FIFA 22

After playing a few games in FUT Ultimate we came to the conclusion that the gameplay is a bit slower than its predecessor. Now it’s not only the PAC of a player that matters, but all his stats. We also think that FIFA has put a lot of effort into making the game as realistic as possible. We are completely blown away by the reality of the gameplay it feels quite real. The goalkeepers are the only shortcoming for us in the game. They are way too good and it is quite difficult to score a goal in a one on one situation.

All in all, we are just fascinated by how much effort FIFA has put in. We think FIFA 22 is the most realistic FIFA part of all so far. It’s just fun to play. We will give you more information about FIFA 22 on e-arenaa as time goes on.

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