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FIFA 22: New FIFA Ultimate Team HEROES Cards

Soon FIFA 22 is just around the corner and will be released on October 1st 2021. Many novelties will be coming to us and we are excited about the upcoming Gameplay & Content updates. One of these new features will be the new FUT HEROES cards.

After EA has finally published the release date, they have told us another novelty. The FUT HEROES cards have been released and this makes us even hungrier for FIFA 22. They are cards with special players in addition to the usual ICON cards, but unfortunately they have not yet reached the status of ICON, yet they have reached their club’s a legend status. The FUT HEROES were fan favourites or have provided special moments. With the new cards that contain 8 different leagues, you can build your team so that it affects the chemistry. With Mario Gomez it is for example, the Bundesliga, so open up new opportunities to come on team chemistry. Every player of the same league or nationality gets a green connection to the corresponding FUT HEROES card.

Questionable is how good the new cards will be, this of course we will see when we will play the FUT HEROES. We’ll go into more detail about 5 different cards and give you some information about the new cards.

FUT Heroes Cards

  • Mario Gomez – Bundesliga
  • Goals/Assists(Bundesliga): 170/45
  • Clubs(Bundesliga): VFB Stuttgart,VFL Wolfsburg,FC Bayern

  • Robbie Keane – Premier League
  • Goals/Assists(Premier League):125/22
  • Clubs(Premier League): Leed United,Coventry City,Tottenham,Liverpool FC,West Ham United,Aston Villa

  • Diego Milito – Serie A
  • Goals/Assists(Serie A): 86/25
  • Clubs(Serie A): Genoa CFC,Inter Milan
The new Hero Cards in FIFA22.

  • Fernando Morientes – LaLiga
  • Goals/Assists(LaLiga): 122/16
  • Clubs(LaLiga): Real Madrid,FC Valencia,Real Zaragoza

  • Abedi Pele – Ligue1
  • Goals/Assists(Ligue1): 29/13
  • Clubs(Ligue1): Olympique Marseille,Olympique Lyon,LOSC Lille,Chamois Niort,

We are curious how the new FUT HEROES will be received, and which cards will be played the most, or maybe there will be more cards added. Which of the cards released so far do you like the most?

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