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FIFA 22 Player of the month Cristiano Ronaldo

Since FIFA 22 has finally started, we will give you some information about the popular Fut mode. Like every year in Fut mode there are cards for the gamers that they can get in the SBC menu. SBC are for those who don’t know, where you can get different packs or special cards by submitting a team and getting the reward for it there. Currently in the SBC menu there is the player of the month card that you can get.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gold Card

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has just moved to the Premier League this year. Is like in every FIFA series one of the best and most popular cards in FUT Ultimate Team mode. However, he is quite expensive to get for it, as in every part. His gold card has got a 91 total strength this year. The price for his card is currently 1334000 FIFA Coins. And is currently one of the most expensive players in the game.

How to get the Player of the month Cristiano Ronaldo

Since Cristiano Ronaldo this month, was the best in the league, he has received from the award to the best player of the month in the Premier League. This in turn made sure that he got a special card in FIFA 22 FUT Ultimate Team mode. This you can get in which you make the SBC to the map. You will have to give 28 different teams to get the card Player of the Month Cristiano Ronaldo. This card has a total power of 92 from FIFA. The cost of the SBC is 2324600 FIFA Coins, which is more expensive than the normal card. The SBC to the card goes until 22.10.2021. If you want to see what the cheapest teams to give away the 28 different teams are you can also look at

We think it is great that there are finally again different SBC for the gamers. And we are confident that there will be cheaper special cards for the gamers in the near future. If you want to know more about FIFA 22, you can also find daily information about it at e-arenaa.

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