Road to the Knockouts

FIFA 22: Road to the Knockouts

After we already gave you some information about the new maps for Road to the Knockouts. Finally the maps have been released as well. We will go a bit more into the 16 different cards. You also have the possibility to get a card as SBC. The rules for the upgrades are a bit different this year as well

How do the maps get an update

There are two upgrades possible for Road to the Knockouts cards. One upgrade occurs when the club wins three out of the next four group stage games. Another upgrade will be given to the cards if the club qualifies for another round. So think about which card you want to get. Because not all teams will advance or win. There are currently 16 different Road to the Knockouts cards, one of them is Nabil Fekir from Real Betis. You can get this card by completing an SBC. Like the reaction of most gamers this card is worth doing because with about 80000 coins he is not the most expensive and with an overall rating of 86 worthwhile.

The Champions League cards

There are currently 11 Champions League cards that can be purchased or drawn from packs. Danjuma from Villarreal has a total rating of 84, the Dutchman plays on the LW position and has actually quite good values. Wilson Manafa got a total rating of 82, the FC Porto right-back is quite fast for his position. Alex Teixeira from Besiktas got an overall rating of 82. The question is whether it is worth it to get the striker after his team has left 6 points in the league so far. Gravenberch of Ajax has received an overall rating of 82. Mukiele from RB Leipzig has a total rating of 84. Tonali of AC Milan has received an 84 overall rating. The midfielder stands out with his high PHY.

We endpole you to get him. Rodrygo from Real Madrid has received an overall rating of 84. We recommend you to get him, if you have the money, because with 320000 Coins he is not the cheapest player. Vidal from Inter Milan has a total rating of 85. Sane from FC Bayern has a total rating of 88. Robertson from Liverpool FC has received an overall rating of 88. The left-back is reminiscent of his old days from FIFA 20. And second best on this list is Marquinhos from Paris Saint German with an overall rating of 89.

The Euro Legaue cards

At the moment there are only three Euro Legue cards. Diop from West Ham United got an overall rating of 83. Fekir who we have already mentioned has got an 86 total rating. Isak from Real Sociedad got a total rating of 86.


The Europa Conference League Cards

FIFA has also been given the rights to the newly formed league by UEFA. So far, only two cards have been released. Traore from Stade Rennes has received an overall rating of 84. The strongest card so far is Son from Tottenham. He got an overall rating of 90 and is currently also the most expensive card from the event.

We think the new cards are great, it always brings new fun into the game. So you never lose the desire to play FIFA. We assume that more Road to the Knockouts maps will follow. And if not, the Scream Event is waiting for us next. What do you think about the new maps?

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