FIFA 22: Some more Heroes cards have been released

FIFA 22 is just around the corner and will be released on October 1, 2021. Many innovations will come our way. After more information about many gameplays from EA. Are we excited to see if there will be other content updates. One of these new updates will be the new FUT HEROES cards. After EA released us 9 Heroes maps, now 10 more maps have been released.

After EA announced us a taste of 9 new Heroes. Have now released 10 new Heroes cards. The FUT HEROES cards have been released and that makes us even hungrier for FIFA 22. These are cards with special players in addition to the usual ICON cards, but unfortunately they have not yet reached the status of an ICON, but the status of a legend of their club. The FUT HEROES have been fan favorites or have provided special moments. With the new maps, which include 8 different leagues, you can build your team to influence chemistry. For Mario Gomez, for example, it’s the Bundesliga, so it opens up new possibilities for team chemistry. Each player of the same league or nationality gets a green link to the corresponding FUT HEROES card.

Now you have the possibility to choose from 19 different Heroes the best one for your team. Maybe after FIFA 22 is released some new cards will be released. It is questionable how good the new maps will be, of course we will see that when we will play FUT HEROES. We will go into more detail about some of the different cards and give you some information about the new cards.

The Heroes

  • David Ginola-Ligue 1
  • Goals/Assists(Ligue 1):36/4
  • Clubs(Ligue 1): SC Toulon Var,RC Paris,Stade Brest 29,FC Paris Saint-Germain

  • Antonio Di Natale-Serie A
  • Goals/Assists(Serie A):209/57
  • Clubs(Serie A): FC Empoli,Udinese Calcio

  • Jürgen Kohler-Bundesliga
  • Goals/Assists(Bundesliga):28/14
  • Clubs(Bundesliga): Waldhof Mannheim,1.FC Köln,FC Bayern München,Borussia Dortmund

  • Joe Cole-Premier League
  • Goals/Assists(Premier League):47/38
  • Clubs(Premier League):West Ham United,FC Chelsea,FC Liverpool,Aston Villa

  • Aleksandr Mostovoy-LaLiga
  • Goals/Assists(LaLiga):54/11
  • Clubs(LaLiga):Celta Vigo,Deportivo Alaves

  • Lars Ricken-Bundesliga
  • Goals/Assists(Bundesliga):49/59
  • Club(Bundesliga): Borussia Dortmund

  • Ivan Cordoba-Serie A
  • Goals/Assists(Serie A):15/5
  • Club(Serie A): Inter Mailand

  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Premier League
  • Goals/Assists(Premier League):92/36
  • Clubs(Premier League): Manchester United

  • Freddie Ljungberg-Premier League
  • Goals/Assists(Premier League):48/35
  • Clubs(Premier League): West Ham United,FC Arsenal

  • Jerzy Dudek-Premier League
  • Goals against/Nil conceded(Premier League):118/52
  • Club: FC Liverpool

We are looking forward to the 10 more new maps in FIFA 22 and we are curious if there will be some more after the 19 new Heroes released. If you can afford the new maps in FIFA 22, time will tell when we can finally start playing. The Heroes will surely be a help to improve your team and maybe you will be the winner in an e-Arenaa tournament.

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