FIFA22: New career mode

FIFA 22: The new career mode

After we reported about the last articles, mostly about the FUT Ultimate. Now we want to give you an insight into the new career mode. In contrast to the last part, it has expanded quite a bit. Whether it is the development of the player or the reality of the game. Or even new interactive conversations with the reporters.

New career mode: Manager

There are two different variants, either you play as a manager or as a player. The difference with the manager is that you can choose a popular team and build your squad the way you want it. New this year is that you can create your own club and put it in a league. This of course includes the club crest. The stadium, the name of your team or even the different fan chants that is up to you. You can also choose you’re archival. The players in your club you can choose yourself or let FIFA give you round players to choose your own budget. This year, the sequences during transfer negotiations have also been reworked to make them look more lively. In addition, there is now the possibility to watch a player noted in the transfer center.

Player Manager

In this year’s FIFA 22 Player Career, there are many changes. One of them is, you can come off the bench as a PRO for the first time. This was not the case before in FIFA 21. You start your player career as a bench player, with strong performances after substitutions you can increase your standing with the coach – new here is the manager rating, which should represent the confidence in the player. The level for your PRO runs like, the more games you make, your level also increases through experience points.

This year there is also a so-called skill tree in which you can look at what extras your player should get, from distance shooting to speed dribbling you have different options. After matches there will be film sequences from the dressing room in the player career of FIFA 22, in which the players discuss for example decisive scenes or highlight individual performances.

All in all the new career mode provides a lot of changes. We end pins you to have played both, because after the first time it will surely be more often. The respective film sequences provide a certain reality, we are sure that in the upcoming FIFA share this will be edited again.

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