FIFA 22 the new winter wildcards event

After the release of the Icon-Swaps the new Winter Wildcards Event has started on December 17th. We have already published an article about the Icon-Swaps on e-arenaa. Now we want to tell you a bit more about the new Winter – Wildcards event in today’s article.

What can the new cards do

Looking at the calendar, Winter Wildcards is set to be this year’s bigger winter event. It used to be the Futmas event, but it has already been replaced by Freeze in FIFA 21. Now we have a new successor. Winter Wildcards event there are various boosts – from stats to skill moves and weak feet to position changes. The first team of the event will be available until December 23 – after that it will be replaced by the second team. In addition, there will also be swap cards like for the icon swaps, where you can do different tasks and exchange tokens for different cards. However, the swapping and tokens will probably take place on the 26th of December.

The strongest 4 cards

We want to give you some examples of the cards. The strongest card in the first team is Neymar Jr, with a total strength of 93 and a position change to ST. Pogba got an overall strength of 90, his attributes were all increased of course. Coman got an 89 overall strength and got a position change to ST. Fabinho got a total strength also of 89 and a position change to CF. Of course all of these 4 cards got an upgrade in any attributes. Coman and Fabinho have sog er each gotten their one star upgrade.

In our opinion all of these cards are pretty strong. No matter what card you get all of them are good you can only win with these cards. It’s also always amazing how creative EA is because we always get new events as gamers and thus have the opportunity to improve the team again and again. What do you think about the new cards?

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