FIFA 22: The best LaLiga team to start with in FUT-Ultimat

Only 1 month left until the release of FIFA 22. We already gave you a lot of information about FIFA 22 like the new teams and club to read on e-Arenaa. As all gamers know Fut-Ultimate Team is one of the most popular modes in FIFA. At the beginning it is always quite hard to build a cheap and perfect team. But there are always good and cheap players with which you can build your best team and improve it with time.

Best and cheapest LaLiga team

The formation we have chosen for you is the 4-1-2-1-2 a quite classic formation that provides for offensive behavior. But also in the defense is quite stable. In goal we have chosen Neto from FC Barcelona. Who will be quite favorable with a 82 total strength and will be good. On the left defense we go with Gaya from Valencia FC he has a total strength of 83. And is actually quite fast and will be cheap in contrast to Mendy from Real Madrid. The two center backs will be Nacho from Real Madrid with a total strength of 80, and Pau Torres from Villarreal FC with a total strength of 81. Both are in our opinion not the slowest but also not the fastest.

But have a super defensive behavior and will certainly strengthen your team at the back. In right defense we have Dest from FC Barcelona with a total strength of 80. He will convince on the right with his high speed.

Midfield & Attack

In the central defensive midfield we have selected the Brazilian from Sevilla FC Fernando he is not the fastest. But with a total strength of 83 very stable and robust in midfield. The right midfield you are well served with Correa from Atletico Madrid with an overall strength of 82 and his speed. In the ten will be Fekir of Real Betis. With an overall strength of 84 he will feed your strikers with passes.

The left midfield will be winged by the Frenchman Lemar of Atheltico Madrid with a total strength of 81. In the forward line we have chosen Inaki Williams from Athletic Bilbao with an overall strength of 82, we suspect that he will be very fast, next to him we go with Isak from Real Sociedad with an overall strength of 82 he will score many goals for your team.

Of course we are not 100% sure if these players will be cheap in FIFA 22. But we suspect it, but we will only know that when FIFA 22 is finally out. Then we will see if we are right or not. Do you like the team as it is? Or would you have chosen other players for the LALiga?

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