FIFA studies

FIFA studies in an academy – first eSports education in Europe

The eSports market has been growing enormously fast for years & is becoming more and more presenter in society. But now the whole thing has been taken to a whole other level: FIFA studies! In addition to business administration or mathematics, you can now also participate in the FIFA Academy in Europe and train to become a FIFA star.  Who initiated & set this up, you can find out now.

FIFA studies - mental training for esports

What qualities do you need to be really good in the popular game FIFA? First, defense is very important, because it helps you avoid conceding goals. To score goals offensively, a good game structure is crucial. A good offense provides the perfect attacking game! Through skill moves, raised passes & dribbling, you create even more opportunities. Free kicks, corners and penalty shots must be practiced vigorously in order to increase your chances. All this and much more you can study now.

Swedish first division club Malmö FF is taking a big step towards FIFA e-sports. The sports club has entered into a partnership with the Malmö Fria Läroverk institute and co-founded the FIFA Academy eAkademin.

In this FIFA Academy, talented young people have the opportunity to train in FIFA in addition to high school. Students have the opportunity to attend FIFA training courses twice a week. In addition to the FIFA courses, these trainings also include physical training, health checks and nutrition, so they draw heavily on Malmö FF’s professional schedule.

Looking at the entire program, one realizes that it is a training facility just like in soccer. As a FIFA e-sports lover, young and talented FIFA enthusiasts are prepared physically and mentally. Needless to say, education should not be ignored. Would you like to participate on such a program & become the next FIFA WORLD CHAMPION?

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