Festival of Futball - Summer Stars

FIFA21 FOF: Summer Stars make the game exciting again

As with the predecessors, FIFA 21 should normally be a bit deflated towards the summer. This is because the new FIFA22 will be released soon, and the game has been played for a long time. But this year it’s completely different. The FIFA21 FOF: Summer Stars Event brings fresh wind into the game and makes the game exciting again. 

We are in the middle of the hot phase of the Festival of Futball event. EA SPORTS has confirmed that on Friday 02 July the FOF: Summer Stars Team will be released. The new special cards are intended to represent and honor the best individual players in this month of soccer. The main focus this month is of course Euro2020 where the group stage of the Euro has ended and we are in the middle of the round of 16. All players of the Copa America will also be featured in the FOF: Summer Stars.

There are numerous candidates who have earned a place in the list of summer stars. Top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who although failed to beat Belgium, often feature in the predictions. With 5 goals scored in the first round, this is of course understandable. His teammate Renato Sanchez, whose performance in the last Euro clearly helped Portugal win, also has a legitimate claim. A man for the defense would be David Alaba, who reached the knockout phase of a European Championship for the first time with Austria and showed a great fight against Italy.

In general, the new event brings a breath of fresh air into the game and makes it more fun to play. FIFA 21 has done itself a real favor with the events and ideas. Follow the exciting tournaments on our Instagram page and vote for your favorite team.

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