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FIFA22: First News, Infos & Gameplay Leaks

FIFA21’s Festival of Futball is currently in the hot phase, and we are curious how Euro2020 will go on. However, we are getting closer and closer to the fall and with it the release of FIFA22. What we can expect and what we are all looking forward to, you can find in the article.

We are especially looking forward to the FIFA22 Next-Gen version for Xbox X/S and PS5. Because the season wasn’t shifted too much this year, we expect the release at the end of September. On the own press conference of EA, we show the new trailer. First gameplay videos can be expected one month before release.The known modes like FUT and the career mode will remain.


FIFA Ultimate Team will remain the pillar of the game. The mode will be optimized with the following changes:

  • Rewards in the Weekend League are said to have been designed differently. Certain players will be fixed in the rewards. The higher the rank you achieve, the better the players you can get as rewards.
  • On top of that, insider KingLangpard“ has revealed that there will no longer be 30 games in the Weekend
  • League. The number of games will be reduced.


Since the first beta version is available for some participants of the EA Playtesting since 23.06.2021, there is already first information about the new gameplay changes. For the defense, a new player selection option is supposedly possible. By pressing the R3 key, the three players closest to the ball are supposed to be selected separately. The usual player change will not be affected by this.

In addition, the pressing is to be weakened in general. The change in FIFA22 makes sure that the player who starts to press is marked. The players are supposed to be slowed down and pulled out of their actual position after only three to four seconds. With this intervention in the FIFA meta, you can prevent the overpowered pressing from FIFA21.

Of course, all FIFA fans know that the beta version always differs from the finished game. In the past, you could often notice strong changes. It remains to be seen how it will develop further. What we can say for sure is that you can look forward to incredible FIFA22 tournaments on the e-Arenaa app.We are curious and keep you up to date.

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