Fortnite is back again

After we mostly tell you about Call of Duty or FIFA 22 news, because our tournaments are mostly also for Call of Duty and FIFA, but now we want to bring you closer to Fortnite because soon there will be tournaments for Fortnite from us. That means exactly Fortnite is back again !

What is Fortnite

The game Kamm in 2017 for the first time on the market for the Playstation uses he was and is it for free. Fortnite is a Battel Royal game in which you can play a maximum of four. The map changes mostly in each season. Exactly also the weapons change more often. Also, many movies cooperate with Fortnite from time to time and so, for example, skins or weapons from the respective movie are used. Like in the current season, you can get a Spieder-Man skin. There is also an item, the Spider-Man web shooter. This item can be found in various locations on Fortnite’s new map. Look out for areas where giant spider webs are stretched. In such places, there are usually backpacks that contain this item. Many players use the web shooters to get from A to B quickly.

This also exists in Fortnite

You also have the option, if a colleague is eliminated to get her back in which you get his disk and again in a recharge car him back. Meanwhile, there are also vehicles that get you from A to B faster. Also with the build around itself to protect or on mountains to come one may not forget. The difference to many Battel Royal games is that Fortnite has a great variety and is always ready for a change. That’s why a lot of gamers stopped playing Fortnite, because it changed too much, but now the popularity of Fortnite is going up again.

Fortnite is back, we think Fortnite is really fun again, with friends but also alone. We also try to organize tournaments for Fortnite and this year we will tell you more about our tournaments. Download our app, you can learn more about it on e-arenaa. Do you want us to start Fortnite tournaments as soon as possible?

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