FUT Rulebreakers

FUT Rulebreakers: New Event bringing crazy & strong Cards

We are in the middle of the hot phase of the most popular soccer simulator in the game FIFA22. On 29.10.21 the well known Rulebreakers event from EA started & offers again fresh wind with the new FUT Rulebreakers cards. Currently there are 12 new Rulebreakers cards & we tell you what they are all about.

The special thing about the new FUT Rulebreakers

The new cards are about players leaving their old play style and gold cards behind and getting new stats. In the FUT Rulebreakers event, you can expect cards that have on the contrary of a real reference to soccer or in which EA have made a mistake in the values. And thus get an update to the real reference to a player. All cards from the Rulebreakers event are definitely stronger and better than their Gold cards. And got an upgrade on all their abilities.

The first 4 cards

Casemiro from Real Madrid got an upgrade of 70 on PAC, and also got an extra plus on all stats. His total rating is 90. Haaland from Borussia Dortmund got a really strong card. His card loses a few points on shooting, but still has a lot there with 87, but gets an upgrade on pace, dribbling, passing, physicality and even a point on defense and is one of the best cards in the new event with an overall rating of 90.

Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool FC got a huge update on his pace and with an overall rating of 89 one of the best Premier League cards in FIFA 22. David Silva of Real Sociedad also got a high upgrade on his pace. And with an overall rating of 87 a pretty strong card for your team. Manchester City’s Gündogan also got a rulebreaker card with an overall rating of 87.

The 86 squad

The gamer favorite Dembélé from FC Barcelona got a minus in his speed but increased in all other scores. With a total rating of 86 he is one of the most expensive rulebreaker card in FIFA 22. Arnautović from Bologna got a total rating of 86. Rüdiger of Chelsea FC who complained to EA about his 75 pace got an upgrade and with 84 Pac got pretty far with his complaint. With an overall rating of 86 a very strong defender card. Coates of Sporting Lisbon has gotten an overall rating of 86. Diaby of Leverkusen also got an overall rating of 86. The only SBC for the event is Nkunku from RB Leipzig with an overall rating of 86. You can choose between two variants with Nkunku either with a shot of 85 or a pass game of 93 the other values remain the same you decide yourself.

The remaining FUT Rulebreakers

Zakaria from Gladbach got a total score of 85. Oneyeka from Brendford got a torn update with a total score of 84. Striker Ripert of Tryose got an overall rating of 83. The only second division player in the event is Barkhuizen from Preston North End, he got an overall rating of 82.

Fortunately EA always gives us variety in the game. So it will never be boring in FIFA 22. We guess that about 12 more Rulebreaker cards will be released soon. We are also still confident that the Scream Event will come. Most of the Rulebreaker cards are quite expensive because they have strong values, so save your coins. Which card do you like best?

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