Futmas or Freeze

FUTMAS or FREEZE? Which event will appear in FIFA22?

As you can all already see from the weather outside, we are getting closer and closer to Christmastime. As it gets colder outside, you may spend more time in your cozy room and play more and more. Of course, we also approach the winter event in FIFA22. The only question is which event will come this year? FUTMAS or FREEZE?

Futmas or Freeze? Quick Summaries

What are the events & what are they about? Where are the differences? What offers more? Here is the answer:


The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Christmas promo event was named FUT 21 Freeze. The Freeze event replaced the popular FUTmas promo from the previous year.Per Freeze card, players get a new overall strength as well as a new position. Some of strongest player there, for example, was Sadio Mané with a strength of 92 (instead of 90) and a striker position (instead of left wing). Also, very strong: Casemiro as a defender with a strength of 90. With many SBC’s and special teams, the Freeze Event has clearly offered something in the last year!

FUT21 – Freeze


FUTmas is EA’s Christmas event – fully loaded with special events and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Lightning Rounds, promo packs, Christmas shirts. The highlight is certainly the new player cards, called FUTmas cards. You get the players in SBCs, the cards are unchangeable. Last event was in FIFA20 & was then replaced by Freeze in FIFA21. For example, Mendy (85) and Modric (92) got outstanding cards.

Both events are a highlight in Fifa Ultimate Team and offer an incredible amount of great cards, specials & most importantly gameplay. However, it remains to be seen which of the two events EA will ultimately choose. In the community, the Futmas event is clearly more popular, but Freeze has actually exceeded expectations. What do you think?

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