Gaming & Streaming – The Hype and Success Generated by It

Gaming & streaming simply belong together & have become inseparable. Currently, playing on the console or on the PC is quite popular & finds more and more followers. In the current gaming world, there really is something for every type of gamer. Through streaming services like Twitch and Co., you can share your own passion for gaming with other enthusiasts. You stream yourself and the game you are currently playing & generate hype, followers and a pretty good side income in form of prizes, like in our tournaments & Marketing revenues. Of course only if you are successful. 

The streaming functione

Stream actually works quite simply. You need a monitor, a PC, your console, a camera. All this would cost you about 1500 €. You would also need a streaming account, there are many different sites where you can stream, for example, on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or other streaming platform. At the end of the day, it’s up to you which streaming platform you sign up for. There are numerous ways to earn money with streams. On Twitch, for example, there are advertising, sponsors or the virtual Twitch currency „Bits“. There is a lot of competition on the various platforms.

This requires regular commitment. And a lot of time spent on you. In the beginning it’s hard, like in every activity, you need a lot of patience and motivation until you build up your own community. We also stream diligently in our tournaments or events on Twitch and with us it certainly never gets boring.

How to regenerate your viewers

When you play a game, you should play the games that interest the audience, that is, the latest games. You also have to be entertaining, which is actually one of the most important points of a stream in our opinion. Of course you have to be a little bit good at the game you are playing. You can also react to different things, videos or pictures, it’s up to you. You should communicate a lot with your community so that the viewers have fun too, by involving them. There are also different rules on the streaming channels. You should not insult anyone or show pornographic things, otherwise you would be banned and I don’t think that would do anyone any good.

Don’t miss our streams on the live events of us. With us there are often prizes to win in which you might win so always be active on our Twitch channel e-arenaa. The description of the streamer is our own opinion, form your own opinion, take the tips and tricks from us, you will see you will certainly not regret it. Do you have another opinion about the successful streamer?

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