GTA Role Play

GTA Role Playing Game: News and more information

GTA role playing game has been around a little longer now. But the hype hit Germany two years ago. Of course, it plays a role that many German streamers now play GTA RPG. But how does the game work? We will delve a little more into the matter and give you some information about GTA RPG. Maybe there will be e-Arenaa tournaments in GTA soon. Just like in FIFA or CAll of Duty.

How does GTA roleplay work?

Unfortunately GTA role-playing game works only on PC and no other consoles. But we hope that in the future the game will be possible for other consoles. The first step is to download GTA to your computer. Afterwards you should choose a server. There is at least one server for every language area, if not more. Roleplaying is mainly about creating a character that you might represent in real life or would like to be. You can be anything in GTA, doctor, cop, gangster, cab driver, or lawyer and even more any profession you can think of. We can buy any material items such as a Ferrari, BMW, Golf, mansion, penthouse, anything you can buy in life. And you can even get a driver’s license or a gun license. You can also buy any branded clothes and shoes in GTA.

What is the beginning of the game like?

You can create your own character as you like. The hair, the beard, even the face shape and features. You also choose a name, date of birth, height and eye color. All this will go into your virtual passport, so you should really think about what to call yourself. When you arrive at the Los Santos airport, you will be given a short briefing by a local employee. You can always communicate with the other players. Of course there are rules in the game, where you can be kicked out if you violate them more than once. Groundless / exaggerated insults, racism, sexual acts / innuendos, bullying and discrimination are punished in GTA.

In general, it’s about maybe taking a break from your really stressful life to immerse yourself in the virtual world. So you can communicate with other gamers and maybe be something you can’t be in real life. It is in our opinion a great game and should be tried (risk of addiction). We hope that in the future you can also play GTA Role-playing on other consoles. What is your opinion?

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