Messi moves

Messi moves to Paris Saint-Germain

After 20 years at FC Barcelona goes a legend. Lionel Messi moves to Paris Saint Germain, according to media reports. Will the best team in FIFA 22 be PSG? 

Messi moves to Paris

Messi probably changes to PSG, according to many media reports, the transfer is already in the dry. A shock for many Barcelona fans and at the same time a joy for PSG supporters. But what will be the advantages for the GAMERS in FIFA 22 with the PSG squad?

FIFA 22 Lionel Messi change

Since FIFA 22 release soon one is glad about the new teams and new transfers to play. Nevertheless the strongest team in FIFA 22 will probably be PSG. With the Messi change the PSG squad will be even more extended with Neymar on LW, Mbappe in ST and Messi on RW you will score many goals. But also in midfield you will have strong players with Wijnaldum and Verrati in CM your midfield is secured. The defense is clearly impervious with Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos and Kimpembe in the CB position. At the RB position we go with the New Transfer Hakimi on the right will not burn anything. On the LB position you are well occupied with the nimble Bernat. Thus, your outside defenders are pretty fast on the road. In goal, you have the option of going with the new transfer Donnarumma or with Keylor Navas.

The decision is up to you!

As a soccer fan you are sad about the Messi transfer. But as FIFA gamers we are happy about it and are looking forward to play with PSG. Or maybe this year in FUT to build a Ligue 1 team. What do you think about the change of Messi ?

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