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Pro Club changes in FIFA 22

Only a few weeks to go until the real release of FIFA 22, after we have already informed you about the FUT Hero cards. And we have delivered an informative text about the new career mode. We are ready to give you essential details about the new Pro Club mode. For the last two years there were hardly any changes in Pro Clubs. But this year there are many different details.

How Pro Clubs works

Pro Clubs is one of the many modes in FIFA that you can play online. In this mode you can create your own virtual club. With the corresponding crest and kit. You create your own player to play with in the club. Several friends can join your club and up to 11 can play at the same time and line up in every position. You can start in the league that goes from the 10 to the first league title. The opponents are of course also in the hear league stronger, so that you sometimes also relegated from the league in which you are. But you can also try your luck in the cup online against other teams. The more games you play and the more you perform, the more skill points you get for your player in different categories.
categories, like shooting, speed, strength, dribbling, defense, standards, passing or if you have created a goalkeeper as an avatar also in goalkeeper behavior can put in.

Innovations in Pro Club

In FIFA 22 you will be able to collect XP in Pro Clubs mode not only in flicht games but also in friendship games. You will also have more editing possibilities in your stadium like:

  • Colors of seats
  • Stadium shape and color
  • Fan chant
  • Goal music
  • Lines color
  • Turf pattern
  • Net shape
  • Club nickname

But there are also changes in avatars. For the first time, you can create a female character and run up together with the male avatars. Also new is that in Pro Clubs there will be a maximum level of 25, which you can increase classically, by earning XP.
Interesting is also in this FIFA 22 part that you can add three different perks to a player. With every level you unlock the different perks. altogether there are 26 different perks that have different effects on your pro.

Pro clubs FIFA22.

Finally we are excited that EA tells us more and more about FIFA 22. We think that the changes in the popular Pro Clubs mode will be well received by the community. But we will only know this when FIFA 22 is finally released. What do you think about the changes in Pro Club?

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