Rocket League

Rocket League is soon also a part of the e-Arenaa.

FIFA 22 and Call of Duty: Vanguard are coming out soon. These two games are already a part of the e-Arenaa app. You can already participate in tournaments, win breathtaking prizes & be a part of the community . Besides these two great games, Rocket League will soon be available on the app & you’ll be able to play several different Tournaments, with awesome prizes and a lot of fun. But why Rocket League? In the following article, we will bring you closer to the game and explain everything you need to know!

More about Rocket League

Soon we will expand our app with a currently hyped sensation, namely the famous game Rocket League. Rocket League combines elements of soccer and stock car. The game is played in a futuristic soccer arena. Unlike FIFA, you don’t control players here, but cars. The goal is to score as many goals as possible with your car within 5 minutes. That the name of the game says „Rocket“ is absolutely no coincidence! With your rocket cars, you not only drive on the ground and gravity can not hurt you anymore! Both scoring and preventing goals requires a lot of skill, but is incredible fun!

The Tournament System

As with all other tournaments, the process for Rocket League in e-Arenaa will be the same. You first load money onto your e-Arenaa app, which will be converted into e-Arenaa Coins. Afterwards you can check which tournaments are available and register there with your coins. After you have registered in a tournament, your opponent will be drawn by random simulator. If you have any questions or problems, you can also use the support chat in the app, which will help you immediately with an answer. Whether you end up winning the tournament and the prize pool depends on your fingertip feeling.You can also read everything about the tournament process on The e-Arenaa website.

Last but not least, we are confident that the tournaments will be fun for everyone. You will soon have three different games where there will be weekly tournaments. Download the app e-Arenaa, and you will always be up-to-date and never miss a tournament. However, with Rocket League e-Arenaa does not end the innovations! We have many more games ahead of us and look forward to offering you only the best.

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