Skill-Based Matchmaking for e-Arenaa tournaments.

Skill-based matchmaking is a way of having opponents with a similar skill level compete against each other. This should ensure fair matches. It should ensure that both balanced rounds take place, in which one or the other challenge has to be mastered, and a move can be decisive for victory or defeat.

Skill plays a particularly important role in esports tournaments. Although professionals are excluded from the e-Arenaa tournaments, there are also strong skill deviations among the amateurs. A beginner cannot be the equal of a gamer who has been playing for several years. In order to offer all players at e-Arenaa the same ambition, excitement and fun, we have developed our own skill-based matchmaking system. An algorithm checks which players match each other based on certain criteria. This collected match data ensures that the skill level, with an existing variance, is matched during the draw.

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