because you don't have so many coins. Nevertheless we want to show you in this article a starter team for FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team which

Starter Team for FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team

In the last article about the chemistry styles in FIFA 22 we gave you some information about the different 22 styles. At the beginning it is always a bit more difficult to build up a good team in Fut Ultimate Team because you don’t have so many coins. Nevertheless we want to show you in this article a starter team for FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team which you can afford.

The team

As most FIFA gamers know it is very hard to build a good team at the beginning which is also cheap. We endpole you to mix two leagues. In this case we have combined players from the Premier League and Bundesliga. The chemistry of your team is very important in FIFA 22 so that the passes arrive or the runs are correct. The links with the players are important for a 100% chemistry. Otherwise you won’t reach the 100%. That means you need many green and yellow links. Even with two different leagues this is possible because as most. People know it depends on the nationality and the league to get green and yellow links.

Defense and Goalkeeper

With Areola in goal you have a French goalkeeper from the Premier League. In front of him we have Lacroix and Konate both are also French. Konate is from the Premier League, so he has a green link to the goalkeeper and to Lacroix a yellow link each. On the left defense we have Roussillon the Frenchman from Wolfsburg thus has a green link to Lacroix. Both fit very well together and are very strong next to each other. On the right we go with Diogo Dalot one from the Premier League, he takes a yellow link to Konate. He doesn’t have the Highest PAC but with the right Chemistry Stylse that’s sorted out too.


Frenchman Diaby from the Bundesliga also gets a green link since he is ahead of Roussillon. In the offensive midfield we go with Nkunku the Frenchman also from the Bundesliga also has a green link with Diaby. Behind we go with another Frenchman but from the Premier League Sissoko. He has in each case to all a yellow link except to Konate to him he has a green link. On the right we have Greenwood the Englishman from the Premier League. Has a green link to Dalot since both are from the same team.


Malen from the Bundesliga has a yellow link to his back players. His forward partner is Martial he is from the Premier League though and so both have a red link to each other. However, this balances out as the Frenchman behind him has a green link and a yellow link.

This team is a very strong team in our opinion. You come up with a 100% chemistry try it out you will not regret it. So it is a perfect starter team for FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team for the beginning. Would you do anything different with this team?

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