Strongest and most popular assault rifles in Call of Duty

In the last article about the strongest and most popular MPs in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6, we promised you to tell you about the strongest and most popular assault rifles in Season 6 and to endpost you perfect classes. As you know, the setups and weapons are very important in the game to execute your opponents. We will show you with which weapons you can do this best.

The AK-47

As in previous seasons, the AK-47 is, in our opinion, one of the most powerful and popular assault rifles in Call of Duty Season 6. We think that it is very strong, and if you hit it on the head, it will immediately defeat your opponents. Unfortunately, we think it still warps a bit easily. But with a good control you should be able to manage that. With the perfect setups we’ve prepared for you, the AK-47 is also quite strong at close range. Try it, you will not regret it.

The XM4

The XM4 has also been made stronger by Call of Duty than in the previous season. We think that it is not as strong as the AK-47. But it is still very effective for head hits. In contrast to the AK-47, it does not warp as much. We have also provided the perfect attachments for the XM4. Try it and you will bring your opponents to their knees.

The Fara83

The Fara83 has made it back onto the list. She is still very popular with most gamers in Season 6. We don’t think it’s any stronger than the other two listed weapons in the game. Still, it’s an alternative to the XM4 or AK-47, and we’ve put together the perfect setup for the Fara83 as well. Try it and you will be thrilled with the results.

For us the three listed weapons with the perfect setups are very strong. Certainly there are other weapons that are strong but for us these three are the strongest assault rifles in Season 6. What do you think of the weapons we have listed?

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