The best MPS in the Mid Season 5

The Mid Season 5 update is now about 3 weeks old. By now you have a certain point of view which weapons are the most popular for most gamers. Since we already recommended you good setup in the last article about the strong Stoner 63 in Call of Duty Warzone. Let’s now move on to the best MPs in Mid Season 5.

The best Sniper Support

To any assault rifle or sniper you usually need a good MP as a second weapon. The best sniper support in mid season 5 is the AK-47. It is very strong in close combat and also at medium range. Its head hits are so strong that you only need a few shots to the head to eliminate your opponent. The mobility is also very high and with the right setup you can definitely get a lot of kills. You can find the setup for the AK-47 on our e-arenaa page.

The best MPs

In the meantime we have reached the middle of Mid Season 5. As in every season there are some popular and strong weapons at the same time. The best Mps in mid Season 5 are currently the Bullfrog and the MAC-10. In our opinion and the opinion of most gamers these two MPs are ideal for your second weapons.

Bullfrog Setup

As a muzzle end we recommend the GRU Suppressor. It improves your vertical recoil control and also increases the damage range. In addition, it also ensures that you are not seen on the map when firing. As a barrel we have chosen 7.4“ Task Force. It increases the total damage and your shooting speed. For the stick we chose the KGB Skeletal Stick. This ensures that the weapon is even faster and stronger and more accurate from the hip. As a handle we have chosen GRU Elastic Wrap. This makes the Bullfrog even stronger and more manageable. Last but not least, we decided on the magazine. The VDV 85 Rnd Fast Mag increases your mobility again and gives your gun 85 rounds.

MAC-10 Setup

For the muzzle we chose the Agency Suppressor. This will increase your rate of fire and prevent your enemies from seeing you on the mini map. For the barrel we chose the 5,9„ Task Force. This increases your recoil control and your range damage. We have chosen the Laser Tiger Team Spotlight. This increases your aiming speed and movement speed. For the stick we have chosen Raider Stick. This increases your speed and ensures that you can shoot faster in the run. As ammunition we have chosen Stanag 53 Rnd Drum. So you have more rounds for the MAC-10 and can get more enemies without reloading.

For us, these three weapons are currently the best in close combat. Of course there are other very strong MPs. Decide for yourself which weapon is best for you. What do you think about the weapon setups, would you change anything?

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