Premier League squad

The best Premier League squad for the start in FIFA22!

Since FIFA 22 will be released soon, some pre-planning for your Fut-Ultimate Team is appropriate. We have put together a complete LaLiga team for the beginning on e-Arenaa a few days ago. It is always difficult to build a good and cheap team at the beginning. Most of the good players are very expensive at the beginning. That’s why we have put together a good Premier League squad for you to start with in Fut-Ultimate.

The central defenders and the goalkeeper

In the goal we have the Frenchman Areola from West Ham United with an overall strength of 82. He will probably be quite cheap and good, so don’t let him end your game. The two center backs will be Rüdiger from Chelsea FC with a total strength of 83 and Konate from Liverpool FC with a total strength of 81. Both are very good defensively and should be quite fast for center backs in FIFA 22. At the beginning we assume that both will be cheap in contrast to other center backs.

The wingbacks

Wan-Bisaka from Manchester United is used on the right defender position in our team. He has a total strength of 83, he will not be the fastest right-back in the Premier League but not slow either. Therefore, we assume that he will be cheap at the beginning. At the left-back position we will go with Mendy from Manchster City, who will probably have a total strength of 81.

The midfield

Since we have a lineup of 4-3-3 we are quite massive in the central midfield. On the central defensive midfield we go with McTominay of Manchester United. With a total strength of 82 you are also well staffed at the position. The two central midfielders will be Kovacic from Chelsea FC and Allan from Everton FC. Both will probably have a total strength of 83. Both will be very pass strong and fast we suspect.

The Offense

On the left wing we go with the fast and technically strong Bergwijn. The Dutchman plays for Tottenham Hotspur and will probably draw a total strength of 83. On the right wing we go with technically gifted Spaniard Ferran Torres. We suspect that the Manchester City player will draw a total strength of 83. In the forward we put on another Spaniard. Rodrigo from Leeds United, the fast striker, is guaranteed to help you score. We assume that he will get an overall strength of 82. This would make the team complete.

Of course, we only assume that these players will get these values. But we think that this team could be the best Premier League squad for the beginning in Fut-Ultimate. What do you think about this squad? Would you put other players?

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