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The best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

After we have delivered you in the last article about the new map in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific an article. Since there are now also new weapons that come from the second world war there are, as in the last part of Call of Duty Warzone stronger weapons that stand out from the other weapons. We will show you the best weapons from Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.

The strongest assault rifles

In our opinion, the STG 44 is currently one of the strongest assault rifles in the game. Unfortunately, the STG 44 warps a bit, but in general, many of the new weapons in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific unfortunately warp. But with the perfect set up, it is close as to unbeatable. You can also get the STG 44 in gold from crates, which is pretty well equipped. As an alternative, we would drop you the BAR. It is also in our eyes one of the strongest assault rifles currently in the game. Compared to the STG 44, it shoots single end shots. And with the perfect attachments even more powerful.

Muzzle: MX silencer // F8 stabilization
Barrel: CGC 27″ 2B
Sight: Slate reflector
Stock: Chariot WR
Underbarrel: Schnitzer foregrip
Magazine: .50 BMG magazine (40 rounds)
Ammunition type: Extended
Grip: Polymer grip
Extra 1: Careful aiming
Extra 2: Fully loaded

The most powerful MPs

With the PPSH-41 you are well armed as a second weapon in close combat. It is currently one of the strongest MPs in the game. With its high rate of fire and large magazine, it makes this MP very dangerous. At short and medium distances, it deals a lot of damage. Misses are forgivable because of the high rate of fire, as long as the next bullets hit their target. With the perfect mounts, the PPSH-41 is almost unbeatable.

Muzzle: recoil booster
Barrel: Empress 140mm fast
Sight: Slate reflector
Stock: Empress Eigen
Underbarrel: SMLE pistol grip
Magazine: 8mm Nambu 71-round magazine
Ammunition type: Extended
Grip: Cloth grip
Extra 1: Nimble
Extra 2: Fully Loaded

In general, it took us some time to get used to the new weapons, as many are quite difficult to control. But after playing for a while, you get used to them too. And with the right ones on, this problem should be solved. ry to equip the best weapons as described in the text and you won’t regret it. What do you think of the new weapons?

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