The e-arenaa Charity Cup

After we have already organized two different e-arenaa Charity Cups with Luca Marseiler last year. There will also be more Charity Cups this year. The first tournament will take place this year on 26.01.2022 city. This time 8 different athletes and 8 different gamers will play together for the Cup in Call of Duty. The donated money would go to little Lucy who urgently needs an operation.


The donated money will go this time to Lucy her surgery. Lucy is not even three months old. Her so young life should be full of sunshine. But Lucy is sick, very sick. Without surgery she will suffer massively. Her life will be completely turned upside down. Already in a few weeks, in a few days. A merciless fight against time. Lucy is suffering from heart defects. Despite three prenatal examinations, they were not diagnosed before birth. Due to a subsequent suspected miscarriage, which is being clarified, Lucy will likely lose the pumping ability of her left ventricle in the near future. A life of massive limitations would follow. A ticking time bomb. There is a surgical method that can prevent this. Which saves her quality of life. We hope that as much as possible will be donated for little Lucy – you can also be a part of her life.

The 8 different athletes

Lucas Marseiler plays for Viktoria Köln and is with e-arenaa the host of this wonderful tournament. Marius Wolf from Borussia Dortmund is also playing in the e-arenaa Charity Cup. Niklas Süle from Fc Bayern Munich is also participating again. Julian Justvan from SC Paderborn is also playing. Phil Neumann from Holstein Kiel will also play for the win. Marco Komenda from Holstein Kiel will also be there. Julian Riedel from FC Hansa Rostock will be there for the first time and will also play for the win. Also for the first time will be Christian Eckerlin one of the most successful MMA fighters in Germany.

The 8 different gamers

KayzahR will be there and will play for the victory. ShuKz will also be in the mix. GustafGabel will also play for the Cup. CPentagon is also in the Charity Cup this time. Maxi will also be there. Riirex will also be a part of the tournament. Fuzzn will be there again. ProErsiin will also be in the e-arenaa Charity Cup tournament.

Thank you in advance to all participants and to all who donate. If you want to donate already now before the Charity Cup, you can start donating at

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