The FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Showdown SBC

After, we told you about the Wildcards‘ event in the last article on e-arenaa. Now we want to enlighten you on the popular event Showdown SBC. The popular SBC event had already provided 4 cards. We expect that new Showdown cards will probably be released after the winter break.

What are the Showdown cards

These maps are always two different player maps from two different teams meeting each other. Most of the time it’s a top matchup of teams, most of the time it’s teams that come from the same league. But there are exceptions like in the last Showdowns SBC where a top match from the Champions League met. If you choose a map you want and the player’s team wins, the map gets a 2 point upgrade. If they draw, both cards get 1 point upgrade on their card. The team that loses the card gets no more points, of course. Still, the Showdown cards are usually that strong without getting an upgrade.

Which Showdown SBC were there until now

The first Showdown was Kondogbia from Atlético Madrid against Lucas Vazquez from Real Madrid. Both got a total strength of 85, but in the end Real Madrid won and Vazquez got an upgrade of 2 points. In the last showdown, SBC were two central defenders Süle from FC Bayern against Pique from FC Barcelona, both got a total score of 88 at the beginning. But after FC Bayern won in the Champions League against FC Barcelona. Süle was rewarded with a 2 point upgrade.

Before you decide which player to take, always look before in what condition the team is. Of course the stats of the card are important, but most of the time the stats are the same if the players occupied the same position. Of course, it can happen that the team that is the favorite in the game loses in the end, but you have to remember that this is soccer, anything can happen. Nevertheless, we find the Showdown SBC simply a great event and wish that more often such SBC come. What do you think about the event?

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