flood disaster

The flood disaster in Germany and its effects

In mid-July 2021, Germany was shocked by the flood disaster. The flood caused a damage in the amount of about 1 billion €. Many rang, are homeless and have lost everything in the flood. In addition to the damage and loss of houses, several people also died in the flood disaster.

In the middle of July 2021 over Germany a giant storm moves on and in each region there was heavy rainfall. Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, however, are most affected by the storm. During the night, 100 to 150 liters of rain per square meter fell in parts of the two states within 24 hours. Most of the water poured down in a short period of ten to 18 hours. Normally, less rain falls on average throughout the month of July. As a result of the heavy rain, flash floods and massive flooding occurred in the affected regions, leading to deaths and people losing all their belongings.

Deaths and damage in the flood disaster

Currently, the number of dead is more than 180 people (as of 30 July). 70 people are still missing or have not yet been identified. The damages at the moment amount to about 1 billion €. More than 35000 damages have been reported so far. The infrastructure is also damaged platforms, power lines, fields, houses, roads, cars are all affected. The police, armed forces, relief organizations and volunteers are still cleaning up, because such an environmental disaster was not in Germany for a long time we are in the thought with the victims of the flood.

We also want to help the damaged, and have on August 18, 2021 the project e-Arenaa X Luca Marseiler Bundesliga event in the world. Every donated cent in the Livestream goes to the people of the flood disaster. You are invited to donate diligently in the stream and help the people in the regions. We would like to thank all those who helped to organize the event or who simply watched it THANKS.

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