The CoD: Warzone Nail Gun

The Nail Gun of the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4

With Season 4 comes a new weapon that you can unlock via challenge and is quite something: The Nail Gun

The Nail Gun is a relic from Black Ops III. Surprisingly, the weapon has ended up with the MPs. It inflicts incredibly high damage and is highly recommended for close combat. Four „nails“ are enough to eliminate the enemy. Since the Gun fires its ammunition in slow motion, all shots have to be accurate. If you have good aim, the nail gun could be the best weapon in the game for you, at least at short range!

However, the weapon has a catch: it fires extremely slowly, but hits inflict extreme damage. You won’t be able to hit at long distances due to the low projectile velocity, and there are no attachments for the weapon. Thus, you can’t upgrade it with sights or silencers.

How to unlock the weapon? Unlocking the weapon in Warzone is a big challenge: you have to get 5 kills in 15 different games with special weapons. These weapons include the crossbow, the ballistic knife, and the M79 launcher. Since the ballistic knife has received a decent buff you should hop into Plunder with it to complete the challenge. For more info, you just have to read our article on the current season 4.

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