The new cards in the new event in FIFA 22

After we told you an article about the upcoming Scream Event. Now we want to tell you about the next event. Three different cards will be released today, that’s for sure. The question is which cards will be presented. You all know the new cards in FIFA 22 because these maps were already in the last parts.

Road to the Knockouts

The new event of FIFA 22 is the special maps Road to the Knockouts. Most of the gamers know these cards already. On October 15 at 7pm the cards will be released. The new cards will displace the OTW teams from the packs and in return they will get a place in the packs. There will also be SBCs and weekly objectives to start the event.

What can the special cards do

There are three different leagues in Europe this year. Two of them we know, that are the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. New this year is the Europa Conference League. Also for the new league FIFA has the license like for all important leagues or tournaments in Europe. The special feature of these cards are that if you have a player from a certain team and this team advances in any tournament, the card gets an upgrade. On the other hand there are upgrades for 3 wins within the next 4 group stage matches.

The comparison

Last year there were the Road to the Final cards, there the cards only got an upgrade if they got to the knockout stage. The Road to the Final events were always quite popular because they had a direct link to real soccer. We suspect that this year’s event will be quite popular as well because you build a bond with your favorite team as well. The event could also have an impact on the transfer market and make some players more or less expensive.

We find it really great that there are always new events in FIFA. You always have a chance to get new cards no matter on which way, if it is a SBC or also from the packs. That makes us want to play FIFA 22 more. What do you think about the new event ?

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