The new FIFA 22 Icon Swaps Event

The release of FIFA 22 is now about 3 months ago. After some different events in the FIFA 22 FUT mode the new Icon Swaps Event have been released now. After we told you in the last articles about the different icons in FIFA 22 or about the function of the different SBC. We give you information about the new Icon Swaps event.

What are the Icons Swaps?

The new event is a way to secure icons without using coins or trading teams for SBCs. They consist of a series of tasks that you have to solve. For solving these challenges, you then get tokens that you can exchange for rewards. By redeeming the tokens you can choose the icons yourself, but you can only earn a certain number of tokens. And therefore you don’t have the possibility to get all the icons.

What do you get for the tokens?

There will be 18 tokens, but you won’t be able to unlock all of them at once. You can earn the first 9 tokens between December 15 and January 10. The second 9 tokens will come between January 10 and February 7. For 2 tokens you will get an 81+ x25 pack. Redeeming 3 tokens will get you an 82+ x25 pack. For 5 tokens you will get 83+ x25 pack. With 6 tokens you have the possibility to get Mid-Icon Iker Casillas for sure. The redemption of 7 tokens you can get Mid-Icon Rio Ferdinand. With 8 tokens you will get a base/mid icon pack. With the redemption of 9 tokens you will get Prime-Icon Marc Overmars. Redeeming 10 tokens will get you a mid icon pack.

With the redemption of 11 tokens you get Mid-Icon Marcel Desailly. With 12 tokens you can secure base icon Del Piero. The 13 tokens you get a 89+ mid icon pack. With 14 tokens you can choose between two possible prizes Base/Mid-Icon player choice (out of 2 icons) or Prime-Icon Gianluca Zambrotta. With 16 tokens you will get a mid/prime icon pack. And last but not least, with 17 tokens you have two different choices again either Badid/Mid/Prime icon player choice (out of 2 players) or Mid icon Wayne Rooney.

All in all we are positively surprised by the icon swaps Event . So everyone has the possibility to get an Icone for his team even without coins. So do the tasks and get the different icons or packs for your team. What do you think about the new event?

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