the new Future Stars cards in FIFA 22

The new Future Stars cards in FIFA 22

After the release of the Team of the year cards, now there is a new event. As FIFA always gives us new events, now comes a part of FIFA Fut modus. It is the new Future Stars cards in FIFA 22 Fut mode.

The Future Stars in general

Future Stars is an event that has established itself as a regular part of the Ultimate Team season in the past years. Here young, talented players are equipped with strong cards that should reflect their possible potential in the future. In the past, various players such as Vinicius Jr or Ansu Fati have been included. And the players, who mostly got such a card, have shown in the real future that the future of soccer belongs to them. The event starts on 04.02.2022. We assume that there will be some SBC as well, so keep your eyes open for SBC. There are also new tokens where you can get Future Stars now. There will be a total of 28 Future Stars tokens that will start appearing in the game on January 30. Important: They will not appear all at once, but spread over several days and weeks.

Who gets a Future Stars card

Unfortunately, we don’t know 100% who will get a card yet. In our opinion, players like Jude Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund or Camavinga from Real Madrid will probably get the new Future Stars cards. Unfortunately we can only speculate, on the Internet there are also different claims about the cards. We just have to be patient and wait until 2/4/22. At the latest then you will see the cards on our Instagram page.

We are looking forward to the new Future Stars cards. In recent years, these cards were sometimes even better than some icons we let us surprise. A tip from us is try to collect the tokens or do the SBC we think many of the new Future Stars cards will be quite expensive. What do you think about the year long event?

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