New Icons

The new icons in FIFA 22

Some YouTubers or streamers have already received FIFA 22. Unfortunately most of you haven’t. Just a little bit more and then you can start playing. EA has told us a lot of ratings or other gameplays. Also the icons have been published. We want to present you the four new icons which will be available in FIFA 22.


Cafu was most regular player in every manschft in which he played. The Brazilian is at home in the right-back position. With his strong offensive and defensive play he was irreplaceable for every coach. Cafu was also part of the golden era of AC Milan and also won the UEFA Champions League with Serie A. Cafu also won a total of two World Cup titles. He will get three cards like every icon. The first one has got an overall rating of 88. The second card has got an overall rating of 90. And the third card of Cafu has got a total strength of 93. All three cards will be very expensive in FIFA 22. But maybe you will be lucky and get it from a pack.



Casillas was one of the best goalkeepers of his time. He was a Real Madrid legend. From youth to first team he was a total of 25 years he was at Real. He was also irreplaceable for the Spanish national team. He won the World Cup and the European Championship with Spain. The Real Madrid captain also won: 3 times the UEFA Champions League, 3 times the FIFA World Club Cup, 2 times the UEFA Super Cup, 5 times the LaLiga championship, 2 times the Copa del Rey and 4 times the Spanish Super Cup. He also gets three cards in FIFA 22, with the first getting an 87 overall rating from FIFA. His second card an 89 overall rating. And his last card a 92 overall rating. We guess like every icon player he will be expensive too.



Dutchman Van Persie started his career at Feyenoord Rotterdam. He then moved to FC Arsenal where he formed a super forward duo with Henry. The world class striker moved to Manchester United in 2012 for a fee of € 30 million. As a result, he wins the Premier League for the first time. With 140 goals in 280 Premier League games, he remains in the memory of us all and is a true legend. At the end of his career, he moves to Fenerbahçe for three years and also becomes a legend there with his goals. Van Persi gets three cards from FIFA. The first card gets a total of 87, the second card gets a total of 89 and the last card gets a total of 91.



The Englishman started his career at FC Everton. He then moves to Manchester United for a transfer fee of €37 million. The rest is history. Rooney won the Premier League championship 5 times, the League Cup 3 times, the FA Cup 1 time, the UEFA Champions League 1 time, the UEFA Europa League 1 time and the FIFA Club World Cup 1 time. The English legend has been given three cards by FIFA. His first new Icons card has received an 86 overall rating and is a CAM card. His second card has received an 88 overall rating and is a CF card. Ronney’s third card has received a 91 and is an ST card.


All these four players are the new icons in FIFA 22 and we think they have earned these cards. Of course the cards will be quite expensive. An alternative is to test the players by renting them and try to play them. What do you think about the icons?

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