the new Season 2

The new Season 2 is just around the corner

After we have informed you a little bit about the new Season 2. We now want to go into more detail about the new Season 2. What changes await you or which weapons might get a buff or nerf.

This comes to the map

In Season 2, new locations will be added to the Pacific map.
The Chemical Factory, it replaces the facility between mines and docks where phosphate was previously processed. Instead, the combat gas Nebula V is now produced here. However, the layout remains very similar to before, you can still move through the river. Don’t be put off by the green color, you’ll only get a little damage. There are a total of seven secret labs spread across Caldera, which will be marked in yellow on your map. Watch out, there is valuable loot and good cover here, but only one entrance at a time, which means this is a dream for all campers and you should be wary of it.

New vehicles

A new plane will appear, the so-called bomber will cause you some problems if your opponents get it. These planes can destroy loadout drops and anti-aircraft guns! With this you can really annoy your opponents, but also other rum. Then there will also be another small agile aircraft that can destroy the bomber, so since nothing stands in the way of a dogfight. Also motorcycles will return and armored trucks.

New Events

In the new Season 2 there will of course be a new event. It is about thick armored vehicles that drive over the map and of course shoot at you. If you destroy a vehicle you get different rare objects out of it. Also a new Nebula bomb that envelops an area in deadly gas for two minutes.


We don’t know everything yet about the new weapons and which perks will get a buff or nerf here. We will see that when we are in the new Season 2, for that there will be another extra article. With the proper best weapons and set up as always with us on the e-arenaa page.

We are looking forward to the new Season 2 after many players have complained, we suspect that there will be improvements. Call of Duty usually responds to the wishes of the players and that makes this game so special. We hope that we could enlighten you with this article and we are looking forward to your feedback for the new season. What do you think about the changes that are coming?

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