Milano 821 by e-Arenaa

The strong Milano 821 came from the very bottom to the top

For a long time, the Milano 821 was a weapon that was left on the ground in Warzone. But a big buff with Season 4 brought the Milano a lot of attention and a real power up. In the meantime, it can be counted among the top weapons. e-Arenaa shows you everything about the iron.

Where does the Milano 821 actually come from? The Milano 821 submachine gun was apparently manufactured in Milan, Italy in the 1980s. The Israeli „Uzi“ weapon was used as an inspiration, but the Type 821 was intended to provide more control with a lower rate of fire.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the Milano has been in the game since Cold War, but very passively.  Almost everything about the weapon was bad. The damage was too low and the time-to-kill was too high. With Season 4 came a complete overhaul of the weapon. The damage was greatly increased, and the improved range makes it almost an all-round weapon. In summary, the weapon offers remarkable damage, very good control and is also strong at long range, since it has only 2 damage ranges.

However, since we want to avoid a new OP gun in the area, there are fortunately a few shortcomings:

  • Open-bolt delay of approx. 50 milliseconds
  • Low bullet velocity of a submachine gun
  • Slow rate of fire forgives few mistakes
The Milano 821 Setup in Warzone by e-Arenaa.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Milano will be allowed to keep its strong stats. The developers said in the patch notes for Season 4 that they will take a look at the weapon’s condition until mid-season and then adjust it accordingly. It’s possible that we’re experiencing the weapon’s heyday – the Milano is definitely worth a try.

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