Type 99 Gunsmith

The strongest Sniper in Call of Duty Pacific

One hit, one elimination, that’s how it should go in the best case when you play with a sniper. We have already shown you a park of strong weapons in an article on e-arenaa. Now we want to show you the strongest Sniper in Call of Duty Pacific.

One shot and dead

According to our experience the Sniper is the new number 1 among the Snipers type 99. Only one hit and the opponent is already finished. The Type 99 can be transformed into a powerful sniper rifle with three specific attachments and eliminate enemies with just a single chest hit. All other sniper rifles require a head shot for a one-shot kill. The reason for the difference is that the right attachments increase the body area for one-shot kills as well as the damage. Like any gun, the Type 99 has disadvantages.It is not too easy to handle because the Aim Down Sight (ADS) and general movement speed are very slow.

Handling can be improved at least a bit with the different attachments. The changes depend on your playstyle, of course, but with the attachments you should be pretty good at some point. And if you want to try a different sniper. Do so, but at the end of the day you will fall back on the Type 99.

The attachments

All in all, the type 99 is the strongest sniper in Call of Duty Pacific so far. And with our perfect attachments it is unbeatable at the moment, so you are well armed for the e-arenaa tournaments. Of course, as with any weapon, the Type 99 has its strengths and weaknesses. But we think there is no stronger sniper class at the moment. You must not forget that you also need a good finger skill for this sniper How do you find the type 99?

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