Season 5

CoD: Warzone starts the new Season 5 – All updates at a glance

With a one-day delay, Cold War Season 5 went online for Call of Duty: Warzone. As always, the new season brings some big changes and a lot of new content for the multiplayer battle royale. Added locations, weapons, a fresh Gulag and custom Perks just for Battle Royale. You can jump into the fray, see what’s changed in Warzone, try out the new operator, and unlock new weapons.

New Perks in Season 5

There are two new and exclusive perks for Warzone:

  • Combat Scout – Hit enemies are marked and highlighted
  • Tempered – You only need 2 armor plates for full armor

Both perks can become part of a new meta setup. Battle Scout lets you tag any enemy that takes a bullet from you. Let’s see if other yellow perks can keep up. Tempered competes with Ghost for the red perk. Armor plates are very important in Warzone, especially for aggressive players who want to fight.

As a new „point of interest“ there are now mobile broadcasting stations in Warzone. In each game, trucks with mobile towers are located in different places on the map of Verdansk. It is unclear how many different locations there are. However, if you are too close to the stations, you should be careful. They seem to send a signal that could attract other teams. There is another secret clue that refers to another possible Verdansk location. The patch notes are still mysterious. It seems to be about shipping containers, which can now be found everywhere in Verdansk. However, the purpose is unclear so far.

New Weapons in the Battle Pass

At the start of the season there are 2 new weapons that you can unlock via the Battle Pass:

  • Level 15: Assault rifle EM2
  • Stufe 31: Maschinenpistole TEC-9

The first clips with the weapons can already be found on Twitter. Especially the assault rifle stands out, which has a good and pleasant handling.

New Gulag in Season 5

Rush is the new Gulag! Once you’re eliminated for the first time and sent to the Gulag, you’ll find yourself in a very different Gulag in Warzone Season 5. The new gulag is from the speedball arena from the map „Rush“. With various obstacles blocking your view and new Gulag features, you’ll have to win to be sent back into battle.

Season 5 Gulag!
(Image credit: Activision)

The new season brings a breath of fresh air to the game with many features. New updates and changes are teased and make everything much more interesting. In addition to the news mentioned so far, there are also many weapon adjustments. We will go into more detail about them in our next article. Until then, have fun!

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