FIFA has been by far the most popular soccer simulation worldwide for years. At the end of 1993, the developer kicked off the FIFA series with the release of FIFA International Soccer. Since then, every year a new version of the game is released, which includes the latest data from the world of soccer, so that the series has more than 20 games. The current version is FIFA21. The game includes, besides the classic playing against friends, many modes with exciting facets. One of it, the career mode offers you the possibility to take a team of your choice to the top of the world and play for big titles like the CL.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is by far the most popular of the whole game series. Since FIFA 09, collecting player cards has attracted millions of players. You start with an initial team, thrown together from different players of a league. Playing in the Online League and Weekend League earns packs and coins. In the packs are player cards that you can use for your team, or sell on the transfer market. You build your team. In principle, you can buy/sell any player, but they harmonize especially well if they come from the same league or country. The chemistry of your team increases through good links and thus brings even more performance.

Passion, creativity and absolute will are a must for all gamers in the e-Arenaa! Take part in different tournaments, become part of the community and win attractive prizes! You can find all the latest news and updates in our news section

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