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The e-Arenaa APP- Your place for Tournaments & Leagues

Welcome to e-Arenaa, your tournament & league app. On our free app, we offer all gamers in the world who also share the passion for gaming to prove themselves in our arena. e-Arenna organizes tournaments, in different games, that you can play from the comfort of your home. Currently, we offer weekly tournaments in FIFA21 (soon FIFA22) and Call of Duty: Warzone on our app.

The e-Arenaa App.

How do the tournaments work?

In the first step you download the APP „e-Arenaa“ for free from the App Store or Google Play Store . As soon as you have set up your personal account, you can quickly and easily select your tournament.
You choose your tournament system, the mode & the date in which you want to participate. After you have done that, you can register for your tournament with the „e-Arenaa Coins“ & and secure the prize money with just a few games! The prize money depends on the type of tournament.
As we want to offer the best possible service to our users, we are always trying to improve and expand the app.

Coming soon to e-Arenaa App: Rocket League .

Soon we will expand our app with a currently hyped sensation, namely the famous game Rocket League. Rocket League combines elements of soccer and stock car. The game is played in an arena with two goals. Unlike FIFA, you don’t control players here, but cars. The goal is to score as many goals as possible with your car within 5 minutes. The game offers several modes and is a lot of fun. Here you can also prove your skills, win one of the many tournaments and go home with a nice bonus. However, with Rocket League e-Arenaa does not end the innovations! We have many more games ahead of us and look forward to offering you only the best.

Apart from the app, e-Arenaa offers great entertainment. On the social media accounts, you can find new & cool content every day. On the news page of e-Arenaa you will find daily articles about news, games & updates in the field of eSports & Gaming. With e-Arenaa you decide when, where & what you want to play. What is your favorite game? Download e-Arenaa, sign up & become a part of our community.

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