Our prediction about the Scream Event in FIFA 22 Fut

In the last article about the transfer market in FIFA 22 we tried to show you why the market is different this year. October 31st is Halloween like every year. Until now FIFA has released cool Scream cards for Halloween every year. Also this year there will be surely the Halloween cards in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate. We show you our prediction about the Scream event in FIFA 22 Fut Ultimate Team.

Scream Event

In the last years there were always 20 to 22 players who got a special Scream card. We guess that this year will be no different. Only FIFA knows who will get such a special card, it can be a player who just has a good form. Or even players you don’t have on your screen, FIFA decides that by itself. The Scream cards always get a cool style, also the card and the overall strength get an upgrade. On top of that, any stats from the player will be increased. We assume that the Scream event will start on October 22nd. There will probably be a lot of cards to draw from packs, but also a couple of SBC will be available.

Our predicted cards in the Scream event

We suspect that perhaps Valverde of Real Madrid will get a Scream card. Since he has an 83 total strength on his gold card and many gamers play him we suspect he is one of the candidates. Matip of Liverpool who has a total strength of 83 and not exactly a good statistic for gamers to include him in their team. Do we think he might get an 89 screan card with increased stats.Icardi from PSG has an overall strength of 83 on his gold card. We suspect that he could also get a screan card from a total strength of 89.

The rest of the predicted cards

Mkhitaryan from AS Roma who got a total strength of 83. He is currently playing good soccer in Serie A, so we think he could also get a Halloween card, from a total strength of 89. The same goes for Götze from PSV Eindhoven who is currently playing very well in the league. Therefore he could also get a Screan card from a total strength of 89.

Daka from Leicester City who has not yet arrived at his new club. However, we suspect that he might get a Halloween card. Since you don’t have him on the screen like that. We suspect that he could get a total strength of 86. FC Barcelona’s Coutinho is not having the best time at his club. Nevertheless, we are convinced that he is a class player. That’s why we think he might get a scream card with an overall strength of 88. Lacroix who has an overall strength of 79. He is used by many gamers in the team because he has very strong values. But also in real life he plays a great season so far. That’s why we think he might get a Halloween card with a total strength of 85.

The Scream cards we present to you are only guesses from our side. Of course it would be very special for us if a player from our list would make it to the Scream event. We are looking forward to the event and are curious which player will get a Halloween card. What did you think about our prediction for the event? Would you suggest other players or remove some from our list?

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